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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 13, 2011 8:00am-10:00am PST

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>> all right. that does it for us. we'll be back here at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. now we'll take you to d.c. where susan is still there. i look forward to seeing the entire interview. >> thank you. she's an amazing woman who will be doing better now. thank you, keira. live from washington, i'm suzanne malveaux. jerry sandusky, former penn state defensive coach, could have faced all the accusers in court today. instead, sandusky waived his right to today's preliminary hearing pleading not guilty. what does that mean? it means he's going to trial on charges that he sexually abused ten boys. sandusky's attorney explained why. >> one of the main reasons we wanted to have a preliminary hearing and the anticipated of
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having one is to cross-examine mike mcqueary in the allegations pertaining to number two. prior to today with various statements he allegedly has made -- >> mike mcqueary is the assistant coach who claims he saw sandusky rape a boy in the penn state showers, but according to his reports his account has now changed over time. the army is trying to figure out what caused two helicopters to crash killing four soldiers last night outside of a training area at joint base lewis-mcchord in washington state. now the choppers were observation helicopters. no word on whether they collided or crashed separately. finders keepers, that's the message from iran today about the captured u.s. drone. the country's defense minister now says it is the property of iran. president mahmoud ahmadinejad tells state tv there are people
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in his country who have been able now to control what he says is the aircraft. dick cheney says the obama administration mishandled the situation. >> the right response would have been to go in immediately after it went down and destroy it. you can do that with a quick air strike, in effect, making it impossible to have them capture that drone. and we are told seven government security forces were killed in syria, and today's violence follows an unbelievable act during a funeral procession for a 10-year-old boy. shots rang out at the boy's family and friends carried his body to a grave. the child died when a bullet
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struck him while he was inside his home. one of three people wounded in a hollywood shooting spree has now died. >> there's a madman in the street. oh, my god! you all right? there's a man that just shot people. >> that man fired into cars on sunset boulevard friday afternoon. police shot and killed him. the victim, john aterbury. he worked on albums for christina aguilera and michael jackson and the spice girls. there were no gotcha moments in the latest gop debate. in fact, the meeting between jon huptsman and newt gingrich was a friend ligate. they mostly agreed during the foreign policy discussion causing or calling for automatic
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cuts in defense's budget. >> it strikes me as just the worst possible way to approach this. create the defense system you need, create the foreign policy you need, then let's talk about how to get to a balanced budget. you want too do this as inexpensively as you can. >> i agree with newt completely. whatever we do on the defense spending side must follow a strategy. and that strategy must be part of keeping us safe. that's the bottom line. but then finally let me just say, as we follow strategy that is consistent with being second decade into the 21st century, we have to be smart enough to say there's a whole lot of waste in the procurement and purchasing side to the pentagon. >> so the house could vote today on a plan that would keep about $1,000 in your pocket, but don't count on the money yet. house republicans say they are willing now to approve the extension of the payroll tax cut. but in exchange they want to
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speed up a approval of the proposed pipeline between canada and texas. president obama said that last week he would reject any event to link the two issues. people reveal just about everything on facebook, but this is tragic. some admit that they are even ready to end their lives. but today facebook launches a service that's going to connect desperate folks with counselors so you can instantly chat online with these services, suicide prevention professionals. if you spot a friend's message, report it and facebook will send an e-mail to that person with a link to the new service. we have a chance to talk about one of the big stories of the day, do republicans dislike president obama so much that they have lost their focus? carol costello is joining us from new york. hey, carol. >> reporter: good morning, suzanne. life at the top is good until
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you become a human piñata ch it is newt gingrich's turn to be whacked and it is proving to be painful. conservative radio talker michael savage is offering newt gingrich a million dollars if he drops out of the race because, in part, in a presidential debate against obama regardless of how well he does on television, he will look nothing more than what he is, a fat, old, white man. the tea party's favorite talker, glenn beck, is also piling on calling gingrich just another obama. >> if you've got a big government progressive or a big government progressive in obama, one in newt gingrich, one in obama, ask yourself this, tea party, is it about obama's race? because that what it appears to be to me. if you are against him but you are for this guy, it must be about race. >> some analysts say the only reason gingrich is flying high is because of voters' intense dislike of president obama. mr. gingrich is smart and good
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at debating but he's especially adapt at showing contempt for all things democratic that hits a cord with many republican voters. it also is what worries conservatives like red states' eric erickson who say conserve stills have not given other candidates a fair chance. we want to hear from you, do the republicans dislike obama so much they have lost their focus? i'll read your comments later this hour. thank you. here are some of the stories ahead, first former penn state former football coach jerry sandusky waives his chance to a preliminary hearing. then the woman who anguished her screams out to aleft the word. she is talking to us. i have an exclusive interview with imam coming up. plus, the party is over for
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mull millionaires on food stamps. plus, plans for a high-rise in south korea for some are bringing back angry and painful memories. and the battle might be over in iraq, but a few struggles begin for many female veterans. >> i doe notice when i'm stressing out, then i start having dreams about what i saw in the fear and just the all-around experience, it does come back as if to haunt you.
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you want to save money on car insurance? no problem. you want to save money on rv insurance? no problem. you want to save money on motorcycle insurance? no problem. you want to find a place to park all these things? fuggedaboud it. this is new york. hey little guy, wake up! aw, come off it mate! geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance. [♪...] >> male announcer: book now, save up to 65%. call 1-800-sandals. jerry sandusky did not face any of the ten accusers in court today. it was a surprise move.
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sandusky waived his right to preliminary hearings on child sex abuse charges and pleaded not guilty. susan candiotti is in pennsylvania with this story. tell us how this played out. this was rather extraordinary when you think about it because we anticipated a real face-to-face with some of these young men who accused him. >> reporter: it certainly was just like that, suzanne, but it turns out that prosecutors had an inkling this was going to happen as it was discussed last night. here's what happened nor the general public. as we anticipated this preliminary hearing to begin with excruciating testimony clearly for the alleged victims in this case when they would face their accuser, when the parties entered the court, jerry sandusky, his legal team and prosecutors, they immediately went to a sidebar. that's a private conference with the judge at the front of the courtroom. the room you could hear a pin
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drop. then when the announcement was made by sandusky's team they were going to be waiving this court appearance, however, we have since learned from prosecutors that there was a meeting last night at which sandusky's lawyer told them they might be doing this, they intended to do this, but until they showed up in court this morning, no one knew for sure it would happen until they put it on the record. why did the defense make this move? they claim they had a very good reason. look. >> we anticipated nothing new coming out of this case but way of our defense and not being able to realistically present a defense or attack any witness's credibility today. we decided late last night that the better part of the maneuver from our standpoint would be to waive today's proceeding. >> reporter: however, previously that attorney, joe amendola, has said that they looked forward to
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hearing from these witnesses, the alleged victims, as today's preliminary hearing. also, he had made the point today that they were expecting mike mcqueary, the assistant coach currently on leave, to testify, a very important witness for prosecutors. he might have said or was expected to say that he witnessed a sexual attack in the shower in 2002. but because there have been some questions raised about whether me might have different accounts, sandusky's lawyer claimed that, well, you didn't really need to hear from him. >> so what's next? what's next in this case? when does he expect to see his accusers? >> reporter: well, at this point, the arraignment, the formal arraignment, which was scheduled for january 11th has been waived as well. that means that today sandusky
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formally entered a not guilty plea. so the next thing that will happen is a pretrial conference. there's also another hearing on friday of this week in harrisburg because there are two other people charged in this case. two administrators of penn state university who are charged with lying to a grand jury. that hearing is still scheduled to take place. >> all right. susan candiotti, thank you so much. checking stories, the affiliates are covering these across the country, three
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that would no longer be able to get food stamps or jobless pay at all. they say that if this bill actually gets passed that would produce an extra $20 million in savings to go cover tax cuts elsewhere. democrats are also open divorcing this plan buzz the problem is figuring out exactly how to get wealthier americans to pay more towards helping to
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bring down the deficit. democrats want to put a tax on incomes over $1 million but republicans are saying no way. >> how much does this cost? i mean, it is costing the government something. >> reporter: it is. one senator is estimating that millionaires who collected over $74 million in jobless benefits between 2005 and 2009, of course, that is a huge figure. then you look at the actual number of people who are cashing in, that's just below 2,400. they are making out like bandits. of course, this takes away the opportunity for high earners to take advantage of the system, this bill would, and it could put a small dent in saving the country money. but of course this bill still has to pass. >> we'll see thou how that goes. do the investors feel upbeat today? >> reporter: a little bit more, sure. a bit of a bounce back with the dow up 36 points. the gapes were higher, but some have fizzled out. investors are focusing on the fed meeting happening today with
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the announcement coming at 2:15. traders are listening closely to see what the central bank says about any possible additional stimulus measures. >> thank you. how can you forget the face of this anguished woman crying out that she was raped by iraqi forces. now she is here in the united states and i had a chance to sit down and talk with her about her life now.
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one young woman put a face on libyan crisis when she burst into a room full of journalists in tripoli and accused libyan
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forces and moammar gadhafi of sexually assaulting her. journalists tried to help eman al obeidi but she was bounced around from country to county before getting asylum here in the united states. well, now she is telling her story in her first interview since arriving here in the u.s. she is living in denver with a ref you gee community trying to heal. >> reporter: do you want to stay here? you do. do you feel safe going back home to libya? >> translator: i definitely feel safe with this family, but no one has made me feel safe, my
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friends, my sablings, they are all not comfortable. they are all being stolen from, they are all threatened in tripoli, the capital, they receive armed threats every day with heavy weapons. how is one supposed to feel safe? >> reporter: how are you doing in terms of your healing after what had happened to you in libya with the attack? >> translator: i didn't get a chance to breathe, except here when i came here. >> reporter: doazxñ you feel li you are healing? >> translator: thank god, sometimes i get depressed and don't leave the house and sometimes i get really tired and don't get out of bed for three or four days.
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>> reporter: what do you need, do you think? what do you really need right now? >> translator: stability. i just need stability. >> reporter: she is running out of money and eman gets a one-way plane ticket to washington seeking help. we'll bring you that part of the story up next. mmy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. but my nose is still runny. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ deep breath] awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is. that's the cold truth! the new spark card from capital one. spark miles gives me the most rewards of any small business credit card. the spark card earns double miles... so we really had to up our game.
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in late july eman al abeidi arrived in denver on foot stamps. now she's about to lose heifer her housing. she got a one-way ticket to the
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libyan embassy in washington where i found her with $25 in her pocket. >> translator: when i came i never imagined life would be this hard. there's nothing easy. you have to work. you have to work. i mean, as we say in libya, you have to kill yourself working just to survive. and i wish there even was work. the state i'm in seems cutoff. there are no work opportunities. i've been going to the employment office for four months. >> reporter: do you have any support from your family? >> translator: my family supports me. i have been here for four months. without the aid they send me every month i could not have survived. $300 a month can do nothing. >> reporter: what would you like to do? would you like to go back to your family in libya? >> translator: i'm sure everyone wants to return back to their own country, but i'm not mentally ready for that.
8:27 am
i also feel personally i'm not ready to integrate back into the society. i feel life for me is hard because everything is so different from culture to language. >> so hearing her pleas, libyan ambassador cut her a check providing her with $1800 and a college scholarship and money for english classes. >> i think she was very desperate. i think she needed help. she is very sad. i told her that you have to close a door to the past to open the door to the future. they will stand on their feet and make their future. she is a young girl. she cannot live this way for the rest of her life. >> translator: it is like i won the lottery. really, it is like the lottery.
8:28 am
>> reporter: 1,850 dollars, this is like the lottery for you. that's a lot of money. what are you going to do? >> translator: it's not about whether it is a lot or a little, it is about the time that i got it. it is like a person that has been living off nothing and suddenly he wins the lottery. >> wins the lottery. next i talk to her about the state of her country now that moammar gadhafi is dead. here's a rundown of the stories we are working on next. jerry sandusky stunned many by waiving his preliminary hearing. then the picture worth a thousand angry words. architects are hearing it after this design for a high-rise in south korea. later, newt gingrich couldn't refuse this offer, actuallying he could refuse $1 million to walk away.
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and jerry sandusky's decision to plead not guilty today means the alleged victims did not have to testify. it also means that prosecutors don't have to put any evidence on the table. but does this move tell us something about the defense strategy? our senior legal analyst is joining us on skype from new york. jeff, what do you make of this move here by san dust ku sandusky's attorney? >> reporter: this was a no-win situation for the defense in this case. preliminary hearings in basically any state, including pennsylvania, the defense never wins. they never get the case thrown out. now, in ordinary circumstances they use the preliminary hearing to test the prosecution's case, maybe see where the weaknesses are, do some cross-examination, but in this case it would have resulted in a storm of more bad publicity for sandusky. all these victims testifying in public for the first time,
8:30 am
alleged victims, that would have been a disaster and he would have lost anyway. i think it was smart to just waive the hearing and move on. >> what happens next? >> well, he'll be arraigned on the charges again and then there will be a schedule that for motions and legal issues to be dealt with and then the trial date will be set. it probably won't be until well into next year. obviously, the question hanging over the whole case is will there be some sort of plea bargain. that -- if there are going to be discussions, they will start to happen soon. >> the fact we saw sandusky today, what does that do for him? does that do anything at all? could they have waived this without everybody showing up? >> i think they probably could have. it's unusual. it is usually done in public. but i think, you know, the judges like to hear a major decision like this from the
8:31 am
defendant himself. this is a right that sandusky has to have a preliminary hearing. and sometimes judges don't like it when it is simply done by a lawyer's letter. i think sandusky appearing in public will remind a lot of people that he's still out on bail and given the seriousness of his charges i think a lot of people are shocked and disappointed that he's out on bail, but that's just a fact. >> all right, jeffrey, thank you. it is a painful image some would like to forget, but it showed up in a building design for a futuristic high-rise. are you offended by this? jeanne mousse has this story. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein! really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too,
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take a look at the first few seconds of this next story. see if it reminds you of anything. for many it does, and they find it offensive. jeanne moos has this story. >> reporter: it is not even built yet but already there's a cloud over this proposed building in south korea because some say it reminds them of a cloud of smoke. does this remind you of anything? >> yes, 9/11. i think it is@ñrp very poor ta. >> reporter: in fact, almost every person -- >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: -- we showed the architect's rendering too associated it with 9/11. >> this is an outrage. i survived the towers and it is
8:35 am
actually looking like the explosion of the towers. >> reporter: and walker was walking by the towers when the first plane hit. he ended up wet with jet fuel. the newspaper fuelled this controversy by plastering the proposed building on its front page with a question, inspired by twin towers? no way says the dutch architectural firm. we never intended to design a project looking like an exploding building, why on earth would we? this is quite shocking in this discussion that people think we might have done this on purpose. no! >> i think somebody had this in mind when they designed it. i don't think it is an accident. >> reporter: really? >> do you? >> reporter: who would do that? folks are talking all right. and for once, the left. >> yep, that's what they want to build. >> reporter: keith olbermann and the right's glenn beck sound
8:36 am
alike. >> this is the most offensive building i have seen. >> reporter: the so-called cloud would connect the two luxury apartment buildings and contain a restaurant and pools. >> that's really nice. they should do it. >> reporter: cnn engineers are the only one defending the project. >> this is typically what an architect wants to do with something different. >> reporter: an online defender compared the twin towers to seeing jesus on a piece of toast. the architects envisions a cloud in the sky, a nice, fluffy, innocent cloud. this image represents the inspiration for their design. the architects apologized to anyone whose feeling we have hurt. during the three-month design process the architects say they did not see the connection. somebody's head is in the clouds. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> well, because of the negative reaction in the united states,
8:37 am
bloomberg reports the architectural firm may change this building design. newt gingrich is saying, can't we just all get along? we explain why gingrich is now urging gop candidates to play nice. and seen any eye candy lately? it is all around if you live in any of these five cities. travel leisure mag dean came out with the sexiest cities, austin, texas, at number five. denver in fourth and san juan puerto rico is at number three. the two top cities we'll tell you in a minute. more important to do. hg he wasn't focused on his future but fortunately, somebody else was. at usaa we provide retirement solutions for our military, veterans and their families. from investments... to life insurance... to health care options. learn more with our free usaa retirement guide.
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newt gingrich urging his fellow republicans to play nice now and to focus on beating obama in 2012. joe johns is live from atlanta with the political ticker. joe, sexiest city in atlanta, i would think that would have been you. >> i know you like the city a whole lot, and i do, too. once again, newt gingrich is announcing to the world in neon he's taking the high road and doesn't want to get down in the dirt. in a letter to his staff which quickly made its way to the
8:44 am
media, he said he's running a positive campaign. it is critical the republican nominee return unbloodied to face president obama, but he reserves the right to respond when he thinks his record is distorted. the last time he exercised that right to respond was yesterday in a nasty exchange with mitt romney. first romney said gingrich needed to give back the money he made from freddie mac and gingrich responded by saying he'll consider it after romney gives back the money he made bankrupting companies. gingrich is telling his staff there should be no negative attacks on his republican opponents and even not to support super8m:úñ pacts that d negative attacks. mitt romney who has been on the attack lately has pledged not to say outrageous things. you know how this goes, we'll see how long it lasts. >> play nice, i don't believe all that stuff, but gingrich is getting props from rudy giuliani. what is he says about gingrich
8:45 am
versus romney? >> rudy giuliani's record on reading the political tea leaves is mixed at best, especially if you look at the presidential race four years ago. still, he says newt gingrich might be the guy to meet. he appeared on "piers morgan tonight." listen. >> my gut right now tell miss me that gingrich could be the stronger candidate because he can make a stronger connection than mitt romney to the reagan democrats where you won't have this barrier of possible elitism that obama could explot pretty effectively. >> you might think that the establishment candidates are going more or less with romney who is considered the more moderate republican. that doesn't at least seem to be the case as far as predictions go. we'll see. >> tell us a little bit about
8:46 am
the candidates still in the back of the pack still plugging away, you have rick santorum that is in it to win it still. >> interesting case with rick santorum still plugging away, but as far as the first in the caucus goes, rick santorum is the only republican candidate who is actually doing public events in the state of iowa today. and we are about 21 days from the iowa caucuses. santorum has several campaign stops there today, including a town hall in bell plaines, iowa. santorum just spent a huge amount of time campaigning in the state. we'll see if it pays off for him. >> good to see you, joe. >> you too. for the latest local news, go to cnnpoll a long journey home from iraq for one former soldier, a woman now defeating her toughest enemy. ♪ card - "buy books, not beer!" ♪ ♪ but the second that she shut the door ♪
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in iraq a fear is fighting the unknown. tragically many bring that fear home as they battle another invisible enemy, post-traumatic disorder or ptsd and many of the victims are women. keira phillips goes in-depth with one female soldier's story. >> reporter: june moss and her 15-year-old daughter brianna are
8:50 am
tight. laughing, dancing, healthy competition. but just five years ago this almost ended. you attempted suicide by cutting your wrists, and what you told me a year ago, i --
8:51 am
8:52 am
>> i punched somebody at the face, at work. and because of my anger. and i'm not proud of that. >> what happened? >> i let them push my buttons. and they pushed one too many buttons. >> was that a gut check for you? >> definitely.
8:53 am
>> she was as you say spendsed for three days without pay but now committed to weekly therapy and thanks to her employer, the chaplain at the palo alto va, she's embracing her faith and family in a whole new way. >> how do you remember your mom when she first got back for war? >> she was overly protective. >> she said she had nightmares about people taking us away or her more -- >> what is your mom like now? >> mommy is just like wild and just my mother. >> she's back? >> she's back. >> back. but continuing to fight her fears. >> i just couldn't do crowds. it reminded me when we were in the marketplace and we don't know if somebody was out there to kill us. i know i'm back home and i don't have to worry about a suicide bomber but i still felt as if it was one lurking somewhere at the
8:54 am
mall or the grocery store -- >> just over a month ago, june took a huge step, she took her daughter to a concert. >> you were afraid of crowds, noises? >> yes. >> and you took your daughter to see chris brown? >> to see chris brown. we went to the concert and it was a mazing and i am so glad that i am in my therapy now that i was able to do something like that because that crowd was massive. those kids loved them some chris bro brown. >> reporter: would you say your mom is better, healthier, happier? >> all of that. she's how she used to be and i like it. >> it's a big deal to know that from then and now i've come a long way. >> reporter: are you a better mom? >> i am a better mom, a better person. i'm a better me, you know, from head to toe, i'm a better me.
8:55 am
you've been sounding on r off on the talkback question, do republicans dislike president obama so much that they lost their focus. carol has your responses. >> hi, suzanne, this from cody, their focus should stay on obama if they want to win. they are shooting each other in the foot by attacking each other so harshly. if they keep it up, they'll made obama's job easier come next year. the republican platform is oppose obama at all costs. this from grace, at this point, if you want a republican to support something, you have to tell them obama is against it. absolutely. it's come to the point where the strategy is simply the opposite of whatever the president stands for. newt gingrich embodies this to the extreme and his surge in popularity is because voters
8:56 am
dislike the president as well. keep the conversation going, i'll be back with you in just about 15 minutes. >> thank you, carol. >> top of the hour. i'm suzanne malveaux, we want to get you up to speed. finders keepers, that's the message from iran about the u.s. drone, the country's defense minister says it is now the property of iran. president ahmadinejad tells venezuelan state tv there are people in the country who have been able to control this aircraft. we have more on the captured drone and what it means for u.s. national security just up ahead. and the army trying to figure out what caused two helicopters to crash killing four soldiers. the accident happened last night outside a training area at joint base mccord in washington state. the choppers were observation choppers and no word on whether they collided or crashed
8:57 am
separately. house could vote today on a plan that would keep about $1,000 in your pocket, but you can't count on that money quite yet. house republicans say they are willing to approve the extension of the payroll tax cut. but in change, they want to speed up the proposal of a oil pipeline between canada and texas. president obama said last week he would reject any effort to link those two issues. we are also keeping a close eye and watch on the markets there, the stock markets, up 60, we're looking at opening higher after taking a beating yesterday, up 60. investor s expecting an announcement from the federal reserve. we'll have an update in a few minutes from the new york stock change. it was billed as a day of high drama. jerry sandusky, the former penn state offensive coach could have faced some or all akugsers in court today. instead he waived his right to a
8:58 am
preliminary hearing and pleaded not guilty. that means this will go to trial on charges he sexually abused ten days. his attorney explained why. >> we wanted to have a preliminary hearing and the anticipated having one because we wanted to cross examine mike mcqueary pertaining to accuser number 2. the credibility of mike mcqueary has been put into great question prior to today with statements he allegedly has made. >> mike mcqueary claims he saw sandusky rape a boy in the penn state showers but according to some accounts, mcqueary's account of the incident has changed over time. more now on the back and forth between the u.s. and iran over the downed spy plane, what it could mean for security here at home. ahmadinejad says the drone now
8:59 am
belongs to iran. >>. >> translator: the north americans at best have decided to give us this spy plane. currently we have control of this plane. those who have been in control of this plane surely will analyze the plane system, furthermore, the systems of iran are so advanced also, like the systems of this plane and unpiloted planes we have made many advances and now we have this spy plane. >> i want to bring in our national security contributor fran townsend. the european union has already dropped the group from the list. i want to talk about this drone. what do we know about it? what kind of drone is it and what can the iranians learn from this? >> u.s. officials identified it as a stealth reconnaissance drone run from the afghan side of the border to support nato
9:00 am
and u.s. troops in afghanistan. if this is the u.s. drone that iran has, there are two things that are of most interest to them, certainly a, the technology that makes it stealth, what is the technology that the u.s. uses to avoid detection and second depending on the condition that the drone was in when it landed, can they understand what was inside, what was the payload? what is it its capability? and what is it collecting? we don't know whether or not -- whether the payload survivored and what condition it's in. it's not clear the pictures we've seen are pictures of the u.s. drone. u.s. officials have given us conflicting views on that. but if this is the u.s. drone -- >> are they set up at all? i'm not hearing anything. fran, are you still there? >> i am, i'm here, suzanne. >> okay. i'm sorry. the iranians can they actually
9:01 am
control our operate this like ahmadinejad says? >> you know, suzanne, they first said they shot it down. any claims by the iranians that can can control the drone and force it to land, we ought to view with a good deal of skepticism. it's not clear they have such technology. >> president obama says that the u.s. is now asking for this drone back but we've heard from former vice president cheney who says the administration should have more aggressive about this. this is what he said. >> the right response to that would have been to go in immediately after it had gone down and destroy it. you can do that from the air, do that with a quick air strike and in fact make it impossible for them to benefit from having captured that drone. >> so, fran, does that sound like that would have worked? could the u.s. have actually blown up the drone inside of iran? >> well, one obviously a military attack inside iranian
9:02 am
territory might have been seen as a act of war. second, you don't know where it landed. you might have been able to do that if it was in a desolate rural area. it would have been very difficult in a populated area where you likely would have had collateral damage. we don't know enough really. i think i would have made the request to iran sooner but i don't expect the iranians will return it regardless of when we made the arrest. >> thank you very much, fran. >> a rundown of stories we're covering over the next hour first. drones over u.s. air space, we're going to tell you how and why police are now using drone technology. then -- >> so this is really actually a remarkable event. we made it inside the green zone with a television camera. and showing you a bit of it. with the idea to bring you as close to the embassy, the american embassy as possible. >> getting justice a glimpse of the massive u.s. embassy in
9:03 am
iraq, virtually impossible. the american dream fading for one gender. we're going to tell you who's making less than their parents did 30 years ago. also, what's next for nasa after a busy year in space? plus, they are real and spectacular. christie's auction, exquisite from liz taylor's collection. . i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios.
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9:05 am
jerry sandusky had the opportunity to confront some or all accusers in court today but he chose not to waiving the preliminary hearing. his attorney joe amendola is joining us live from pennsylvania. thank you very much.
9:06 am
you said you're cold out there, for taking the time to do this but -- >> you're welcome. >> you indicated earlier that you were eager to question these men, these alleged victims here. why this last minute decision to waive today's hearing? >> well, we were eager to question and we are still eager to question them but last evening in discussions with the commonwealth attorney, we reached an agreement on a way in which we would agree to waive today's hearing in return to guarantees from the commonwealth not to seek any bail increases between now and trial unless jerry violated the terms of bail, which i'm sure he won't do. this proceeding today was not a trial, was a probable cause hearing. at which it really was up to the commonwealth to present witnesses. we would not have had the opportunity to present our defense today. we could not have questioned those witnesses on credibility issues, which really is the heart of our case, credibility as to the witnesses versus jerry
9:07 am
sandusky's defense. once we got concessions from the commonwealth about bail in about an expedited discovery process, we decideded to waive the proceeding today. at that time we informed the commonwealth they could call off their witnesses, but having the duty to be prepared to go forward with a preliminary hearing in the event that jerry changed his mind at the last minute, obviously the commonwealth couldn't do that which is why everybody showed up today, including folks from the media. had we been able to do so, we would have notified everyone last night and people could have slept in and kept warm and witnesses would not have had to appear. until the time that the judge accepted the waiver of the preliminary hearing in this matter, this case still could have gone forward. it was based upon the waiver was based upon concessions made on both sides that we felt were important in proceeding with this actual hearing today, which really would have been one sided, it would have been the commonwealth's case.
9:08 am
>> just help me understand here, was there any threat that the bail was actually going to increase? why this deal about over the bail increase? did the judge say that was going to happen? >> the attorney general indicated his intent to ask the judge to increase bail. as you also know, there's still an ongoing investigation and even though charges might be sal ashs and untrue, there's still a threat of additional charges being filed. if there were to be additional charges filed, there would be additional bail issues which could result in jerry being incarcerated prior to trial. it's important that jerry remain out on bail pending trial so that he can adequately help us prepare his defense. someone who is incarcerateed, it becomes difficult to meaningfully assist counsel in preparation for the trial. we thought that was an important factor in this decision too. >> do you anticipate additional
9:09 am
charges? it sounds you're anticipating more charges to come forward in addition to the 50 plus that are out there? that is that true? >> we're not anticipating them but after last wednesday with accusers 9 and 10, we're acutely aware there's a risk. as you saw last wednesday, jerry was taken from his home in handcuffs even though he would have turned himself in and even though i wasn't given the courtesy of a call from the commonwealth telling me that he was being charged. i found out actually from you folks, from the media that he was being led away from handcuffs from his home. we're mindful of the risks there might be other situations like that. we want to make sure that jerry to the best -- if we are able to do so, to keep him out of jail so he can assist us in the preparation of his defense. >> i know you can't really try this case nor would you want to try this case in the court of public opinion here. but your client, jerry sandusky said he is not guilty. for a lot of people who have
9:10 am
been hearing about this case and read the grand jury report, know there are ten young men who have come forward. how do you square that? >> well, what we do is take each set of allegations separately and what we do know is that at least several of these young men know each other, have known each other prior to charges being filed. we're looking into the possibility that there may be a financial motivation involved or might have been in collusion or interaction among the young people prior to charges being filed. we also know in a number of charges there isn't an allegation of sexual contact as much as there is maybe inappropriate touching. some in several of them there's the actual graphic allegations of acute sexual contact. we're taking each one and looking at it individually and attacking it one at a time. the other factor that's interesting in this case is that a number of these young men who were second mile kids and were
9:11 am
teenagers when they said jerry accused them, maintained social contacts with jerry and his wife. we find that interesting too, that so many would have maintained contact with someone who according to them abuse them graphically and horrifically. we're looking into those issues also. >> just to be clear, he's saying he's not guilty of any of those charges, any of those accounts, including the very graphic sexual details that some of those victims have alleged? >> what i'm saying is from day one, from the accusations made by accuser number 1 three years ago, jerry has maintained his innocence. jerry has always admitted that he showered with some of these kids. he said they were like his kids and he's admitted that to police, to me, he admitted that publicly. but showering with a child does not rise to criminalalty. there has to be some showing of some sort of sexual gratification intent and jerry
9:12 am
adamantly denies there was every anything sexual with his contact with his kids. >> finally, we know the penn state assistant coach mcqueary told the grand jury he saw sandusky raping a boy in the showers and now there's some reports his story is different of this alleged incident. do you think he's a credible witness? >> i don't think he is anymore. in fact, i never did. when you look at his initial allegation as set forth in the grand jury investigation report, you have to believe that what he told coach paterno, what he says he told him, what he told tim curly and told gary shultz, the vice president for finance at penn state what he says he told them, for those individuals to simply respond to those allegations as reported by mcqueary but saying, just don't bring kids in the showers
9:13 am
anymore, doesn't makeny sense. for penn state not to take any action doesn't make any sense. for mike mcqueary to continue to be a participant in second mile programs which jerry ran for kids at risk, to be a celebrity in golf tournaments and participate in other events with jerry as honorary coach and him being a ballplayer, it makes no sense. i've said this all along, anybody with any common sense and good reason would really have to question what he's saying he told these people. these people curly shultz and coach paterno are good people. to think for a second they would have been told these horrific activities occurred and not take any action against jerry sandusky or report these actions to police officials defies explanation. >> last question here, do we expect that you'll allow jerry sandusky to speak to reporters again? he's spoken at least a couple of times. why he be able to layout his case as you've allowed in the
9:14 am
past? >> we're contemplating, it's a matter of picking a time and place which network we'll reach out to. i believe the more people see jerry speak and mannerisms, the more he'll realize the mannerisms they observed and the way he spoke with bob costas and the interview request "the new york times" is jerry sandusky, that's the way he speaks, he's not an articulate speaker like you or other people experienced in talking to the public, he pauses and thinks and reflects before he answers questions. and he really pos tours on what's the best way for him to respond. i think the more people see that the more comfortable they'll be and realize maybe this is just jerry sandusky, not an attempt to evade a tough question. >> all right, joe amendola, thanks very much for your time. here's your chance to talk about on one of big stories of the day. do republicans dislike president
9:15 am
obama so much they've lost their focus? carol costello is joining frus new yo us from new york? >> life at the top is good until you become a human pinata. it's newt gingrich's turn. conservative radio talker michael savage is offering him a million bucks if he drops out of the race. because in a presidential debate against obama, he'll look nothing more than what he is, a fat old white man. glenn beck is piling on, calling gingrich another obama. >> if you've got a big government progressive or a big government progressive in obama, one in newt gingrich, one in obama, ask yourself this, is it about obama's race because that's what it appears to be to me. if you're against him but for this guy, it must be about race.
9:16 am
>> some analysts say the only reason gingrich is flying high because of voter's intense dislike of president obama. he's smart and good at debating but adept at showing his contempt for all things democratic and that hits a cord with many republican voters. it's also what worries some conservatives like eric ericsson who say conservatives haven't given other candidates a fair shot. do republicans dislike obama so much they've lost their focus? i'll read your kmincomments lat this hour. who can forget the face of this woman crying out in tripoli that she had been gang raped by gadhafi forces. she has now received asylum in the united states. hear the rest of this exclusive conversation that we had her here in washington.
9:17 am
9:18 am
9:19 am
the face of the libyan revolution captured the world's attention when she burst into a hotel full of journalist screaming she had been gang raped and held by gadhafi's thugs. now in the united states she is sharing her story exclusively with us. i asked her about the state of libya today with the fall of moammar gadhafi. but first a warning the pictures of gadhafi's last moments are graphic. >> those pictures, did you see those pictures of gadhafi being killed and dragged in the street? >> translator: this whole
9:20 am
revolution came so we could have a state of law. even though the rebels were emotional and anxious, they should have handed him over so the people can get justice. >> did you feel any sense of vindication to see that he was killed, that gadhafi was dead considering what you had been through? >> no. >> no? why? >> translator: they did him a favor when they killed him that way, in the eyes of some, he became a brave martyr and gave him a happy ending. they shouldn't have given him this honor. there are plenty of people who sympathize with the way he died. >> do you think he should have suffered a long death or you're saying he should have stayed alive and suffered in the future? >> translator: no, not a longer death, he shouldn't have died in
9:21 am
such violence, he should have been prosecuted for all of things that he did. >> reporter: are you confident that things are changing in your country? are you worried? >> translator: no, i'm not comfortable because there's nothing clear. especially that there are things all of the people are scared from, ones with guns and extreme islamic movements, they all don't want libya to become that. we are an islamic nation and the law is islamic law but that doesn't have to mean extremism and militia, we should have respectable government and army that respects the government. >> now living in the united states and getting money now from the libyan government to go to school. we'll be keeping up with her and checking on her progress as she tries to asimulate here. the unexpected happens when the
9:22 am
man at the center of the penn state child sex abuse case goes to court. we'll get a view of jerry sandusky's time in the courtroom today. burgers and soup. did you hear him honey? burgers and soup. love you. they're cute. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. some folks call me a rock star, some call me the mayor... and i love it. and, i make everybody happy. i keep my business insurance with the hartford because... they came through for me once, and i know they've got my back. for whatever challenges come your way... the hartford is here to back you up. helping you move ahead... with confidence. meet some of our small business customers at: i don't think about the unknown... i just rock n' roll.
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9:24 am
next in court today, expenn state football coach jerry sandusky says he's not guilty of sexually abusing boys. then talk back, do republicans dislike the president so much they've lost their focus? we're listening to what you're saying. liz taylor's multimillion dollar collection goes on auction. jerry sandusky went to court today on child molestation charges but a day-long preliminary hearing with
9:25 am
dramatic testimony, none of that happened. instead, the former penn state defensive coach waived the hearing put his case on a fast track for trial. cnn contributor was in the courtroom today. describe what that was like when he first arrived. >> reporter: well, when the judge announced that jerry sandusky was going to waive his hearing. court had only been in session about 30 seconds. you can imagine people had been sitting there anxiously awaiting and it's over just like that. joe amendola came out and laid out his case for the public on the courthouse steps instead of doing it the at a digsal way in court. it's quite interesting. >> we just talked to amendola and he said the reason why there was a deal that was struck and they didn't decide to do the preliminary hearing, because
9:26 am
they feared that the bail would go up in there were additional charges. do we anticipate, do we expect that there possibly more people, more accusers who will come forward in this case? >> reporter: well, you know, by my count there have been five people who publicly came forward and said publicly that they were abused by jerry sandusky since his original arrest november 5th, only two new sets of additional charges have been filed, that leaves three plus -- any we don't know about, people who have not come forward and made public statements either through attorneys or anonymously. but they have come forward so that makes you wonder if -- we know the grand jury is still meeting and we know the police are still interviewing people. i think it's possible. you know, just by doing the math i think that's possible. >> we also heard from the attorney, he said that he's
9:27 am
willing now and he's considering putting sandusky out for more public interviews to talk with reporters to see the real sandusky, the way he speaks and way he explains his behavior here. what was the reaction to sandusky today when he came before the cameras? >> reporter: you know, jerry sandusky did make a few statements when he was leaving court. he made a football reference, he said, we're going to fight through all four quarters and kind of started to say that he was going to maintain his innocence and keep fighting. then joe amendola followed that up with but this wasn't the right time or place. then he explained that of course later. there was like a quick smile when he was walking into court that some photographers caught him smiling as he was walking in. it was so brief, his time in court was so brief it was hard to say what kind of reaction because he didn't have that much of a demeanor, it was so short. he did have supporters in the
9:28 am
courtroom. his wife was there, it appeared some of his adoptive children were there and four or five rows of people from his church. >> okay. sara, thank you very much. we appreciate it. in new york, police on long island announced new developments in the serial killer investigation. the partial remains of at least ten women have been found along a parkway leading to a beach. that happened last year. we went to bring in debra. are they calling it a breakthrough? >> this could be a possible break in the hunt what police believe is the body from a serial killer. it was found after 19 months of disappearance. richard dormer spoke a short time ago and here's what he said. >> after an exhaustive methodical massive search, we have this day at approximate
9:29 am
9:14 a.m., located a set of skeletal remains. we believe at this time belong to the missing shannan gilbert. of course, we will not know nor sure if it's shannan until the medical examiner confirms whether the remains belong to her. >> now, the skeletal remains were found on a stretch of beach covered in thick brush, it was a quarter mile from the location where personal belongings were found, a cell phone and jeans and sneakers also belonging to shannan gilbert. police are cordoned off the cloeks and calling it a crime scene and doing freorensics on e remains and surrounding area. it appears gilbert was trying to make it to the parkway, to the road that runs along the beach. she was trying to make her way through the bram bls and brush but could not get through the
9:30 am
tangled mess to get to the road in search for help. now this young woman had advertised prostitution services on craigslist. the night she was last seen she tried to get help, hysterically banging on a man's home in the early hours, clearly scared. when the man offered to call police she disappeared. it does look as if that was the body that really launched all of this, launched police to find the remains of ten other women. so it's an important clue, suzanne. >> absolutely. debor deborah feyerick, thanks deb. young men and women seem to be heading in different directions. so who do you think is doing better than their parents? are young men better off or girls over their moms? answers and details in a minute.
9:31 am
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9:33 am
i asked who you thought was earning more than their parents 30 years ago. if you guessed women, you nailed it. women make 17 cents more than every dollar than their parents.
9:34 am
>> men are earning 10 cents lesson the dollar than mess their age 30 years ago. alison kosik to tell us more. >> guys have fewer opportunities because the areas where they used to find a lot of work like manufacturing, construction, other industries, those industries are shrinking and it is surprising. the perception is it's tougher for women to move up in the world but it's not really the case anymore. it's all about how the job market is evolving these days. for women, they tend to gravitate to jobs in service areas like health care and just happens to be in that area the economy it's expanding and more command. it accounts for 80% of the jobs in the u.s. compared to 20% for factory work. there's more opportunity for people looking for jobs that
9:35 am
attracts more women than men. that's why the ladies have a leg up in this situation. >> how does this relate to buying homes? well, buying homes and actually getting started with your life after maybe going to college, even with women, earning more turns out both women and men are both having trouble escaping these after effects of the recession. major milestones like moving out of mom and dad's or beginning a family, those are seen as the impossible dream for many young people because they can't find jobs, costs for everything from college tuition to rent to medical costs are all rising. many young people really suzanne are questioning whether the american dream, the idea of working hard and doing better than your parents, they are questioning whether even if that's relevant anymore, suzanne. >> that's kind of sad when you think about it. you always assume you're going to be better off or do better than your parents. the markets, how are they doing?
9:36 am
>> markets are doing much better than yesterday. though stocks are off their session highs, still trying to hold on to gains. there's a big mover, best buy, shares are plunging over 11%, the electronics retailers had its earnings today, having a tough time competing with online retailers like amazon and discounters like walmart and target. shares of the best buy deep in the red today. suzanne. >> nasa brought you the space shuttle until for a final landinging this year but the agency has good reason to look forward to 2012. chad, good to see you. what do we know? >> "time," the magazine, put out the top ten space things, top ten foods, all of these top ten things if you go to you can find it. we went to top ten space things. the tenth thing was the launch of the shuttle. there were so many more important things than the launch of the shuttle. this right here, that right
9:37 am
there, that planet, tattooing, it was well -- not really but the planet that looked like the planet from star wars. remember the planet they were standing on and the planet had two suns. they have found a planet with two suns far from the earth. we're not talking about our solar system. number two i find fascinating, there's always meteors falling from the sky and meteors at times when they've fallen into the arizona desert will pick up things that appear to be building blocks of life. but the scientists could never figure out these building blocks of life, were they already on the ground and the meteorite hit them and picked them up or did they come from the meteorite? now they've found a couple from antarctica which didn't hit ground, only hit a bunch of ice and they found the same building blocks in meteorite. all of the life on earth and all of other plan et cetera may have been riding on the backs of meteors all this time.
9:38 am
>> that's pretty cool. >> i like how you explain that. tell us about the curiosity rover. >> still going to be six months from landing this almost suv sized vehicle heading all the way from u.s. and from florida all the way to mars. there it is right there. the wheels here about this big around, about as big around as -- i don't know, a bicycle wheel and flatter. they built this thing. it did cost $2.5 billion to get this thing up there but this curiosity will fly to mars, land on mars, dig a hole in the surface and analyze things below the surface of mars. maybe if there were dinosaurs on mars, a billion years ago, maybe they'll find dinosaur bones. they are not on the surface because all of the other rovers have been driving around and didn't find anything on surface. maybe there's old life or ancient life under the surface
9:39 am
and curiosity is going to find it. >> thank you, good to see you. tech gifts, the most popular for the holidays, video games, laptops smartphones, you want something hot, right? we're going to hook you up from silicon valley. time for the help desk where we get answers to your financial questions, gary shats ski and gail cunningham with the national foundation for credit counseling. first question for you today from richard in virginia. i occasionally receive uns solicited invitations telling me i'm preapproved for a credit card. would accepting an invitation adversely create my credit score. >> it coming in your mailbox has no impact, but if you act upon that, of course the creditor will review your credit history. that will put what's known as an
9:40 am
inquiry on your credit report. it's a small ding. it could lower your credit score but not for long. don't worry about it. just fyi, that is rarely the reason that anyone is declined simply because they have too many inquires. it will be for something more serious if they are denied credit. >> gary, tom wrote in i'm retired, my only income is from my pension and ssz and earnings from my investments, can i still make my maximum contribution to my roth ira? >> unfortunately you can't, you have to have some type much earned income, you can look at our investments, but one of these tax deferred ones you cannot do without earned income. >> good advice, thank you both very much. we appreciate it. if you have a question you want answered, send us an e-mail any time to cnn help desk at hello, how can i deliver world-class service
9:41 am
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see? he's a good egg. [ major nutrition ] new ensure high protein. ensure! nutrition in charge! it's super cool to give or buy electronic gizmos. narrowing it down to five main
9:44 am
groups, the best of the best. hi, dan. >> reporter: hi, suzanne, coming to you from union square in san francisco, the heart of the city's shopping district, let me first say this year is a bit different. there's no real breakout hit in the technology space. yes, the ipad is selling very well but it's been out for a while. that said, there are five main categories here and let's start at number five, game consoles, remember the piper spray incident at the walmart, that was over an xbox. tablets and laptops and number two televisions and the number one category when it comes to technology, smartphones, we talked to brian cooley for more about that. >> reporter: the number one hot dwist gift, the xbox. >> in the number couple of
9:45 am
months they'll add a lot of media and move it from being a game device that does media to being a media device that also doeses games really well. >> reporter: for tablets, do we have to say it? >> the ipad is king of tablets there's nothing remotely challenging. 2011 was those that came along, the playbook, the touch pad from hewlett-packard and various sam sung pads out there. everyone is looking at these saying what happened, why couldn't they get any traction? >> for laptops, it's the macbook air and in the windows world, ultrabooks, thin and fast and instant on and no spinning disk and long battery life. for televisions, the biggest game changer isn't 3-d but those that connect to the internet with built in streaming capability. >> when a tv has a wired or wireless internet connection to stream full screen tvs or movies
9:46 am
from a netflix or hulo or whoever you subscribe to. >> the smartphone is considered the number one tech gift this holiday season. with many ones to choose from, the iphone 4z and droid razor. >> we are seeing enormous traffic, they are kind of tough to give as a gift because they have a contract and signup but folks are buying themselves a gift for the holidays too. the smartphone is about to crest depending on the research you look at, the 50% mark of cell phone owners in the u.s. that's an important benchmark. >> dan, typically tvs have been the number one seller. no longer the case, huh? >> reporter: not this year. something has happened over the last few years and that is that most americans have got rid of those boxy television sets and now have flatscreen tvs.
9:47 am
the problem is people aren't upgrading and are not getting 3-d tvs. maybe the internet connected tvs will do something more to get people out and upgrade their televisions but right now smartphone is what people are going after. >> okay, dan, put that on my list, my christmas list. elizabeth taylor had it all, looks and talent and word of amirers and some of the most exquisite jewelry. now pieces of her collection are up for auction. hey, what does it look like? probably very beautiful and expensive, yes? >> reporter: these are the items you want on your christmas list. they are breath taking and by some systems the collection is going to bring in more than $30 million and that's a whole lot of bling we're talking about here. the jewelry goes up forb bid in
9:48 am
the big auction house from necklaces and earrings and pendants and rings and bracelets. some of the most famous pieces, the elizabeth taylor diamond, from then husband richard burt ton. for a reported $305,000. listen to this, it's expected to fetch a whole lot more between 2.5 and $3.5 million today. there's also a 16th century pair shaped necklace. pearl necklace which should go between 2 and $3 million. named jewelry tends to cover a hefty price tag, maybe a more down to earth sapphire might suit you better, you have that in your bank account. >> what budget are you talking about here?
9:49 am
>> i know. your budget. the suzanne malveaux budget. the jewelry sale continues tomorrow night and each night for the rest of the week they'll sell off more list taylor stuff. we're talking fashion, accessories, art, memorabilia. smaller less expensive items are available in an online auction that will wrap up on the 17th. they start as low as $100. now you're talking my numbers here, more practical for me. i can afford the one for $100. >> i think we need to ask for a raise, maybe that's it just up the salary a little bit? >> that's a great deal. i'll take a dollar, a million. those diamonds are beautiful. >> they are lovely. they are exquisite. >> someone is going to have a very good christmas. >> someone on a higher pay grade than us. >> you tell me when you pick out your diamond. >> yeah, of course. >> live vicariously through you.
9:50 am
we're having too much fun. see what diamonds does to a woman, a lady, makes you go crazy. >> that's true. thanks, kareen. everything breaking in the entertainment world, "showbiz tonight" on hln. do republicans dislike president obama so much they have lost their focus. republican voters have not lost their focus, media focus on polls and personality and expert commentators gives that impression, more of your responses in just a moment. so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol
9:51 am
and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios.
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9:53 am
do republicans dislike president obama so much they've lost their focus? carol costello in new york with the answers. hey, carol. >> hi, suzanne, good response to this question. from mike, republicans have not lost focus on defeating obama, they understand what a weak nominee he would be and how easily he could be defeated by the president. no, they have not lost their focus, both parties are only concerned with their individual parties and never focused on the well being of the country. this from uche, yes, they definitely hate him and lost their focus, every single one have agreed with obama on one major issue when asked if there's anything they think he
9:54 am
has zon correctly, they selectively say nothing. the gop has united by one thing, keep obama to one term. the president has made some mistakes but the gop that's not offered any viable alternatives. obama may win because the gop can't get its act together. keep the conversation flowing, and thanks as always for your comments. >> it's a huge complex in the heart of baghdad but trying to get a glimpse of american embassy, no easy task. we'll take you as close as we can get. ♪
9:55 am
[ female announcer ] we never forget the nearly 12 million cancer survivors in america today... and the countless lives lost. we owe it to them to protect funding for cancer research, prevention and access to care. congress, make cancer a priority and give millions of americans what they need most.
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private security company with a notorious reputation gets a makeover. plaq blackwater now academy. the iraqi government blaned blackwater from operating in the country. now they have a new ceo and management team and new name. the u.s. embassy in iraq, it is the largest in the world, you think it would be easy to find but martin savidge found out it is the biggest embassy that you can't see. he takes us as close as possible to this new heavily guarded complex. >> reporter: here's the premise, we want to get you a view of the american embassy in baghdad.
9:58 am
it's the biggest diplomatic mission in the world. not one building a campus, 17,000 people located right in there, the green zone, the international zone, the most protected part of baghdad. we asked for permission and film and show it to you, it was denied. so we tried to look from here. the problem is even from here, you can't see it. we'll try somewhere else. this is an area where we thought we could give you a ground view of the green zone the international zone right behind us. but you can't see the embassy. so in our attempt to come down here and even try to show this scene, we've drawn the attention of the iraqi military and they don't seem too keen we're here. we try something else, the web. we pulled up one of these websites where you can look down on baghdad from up in space. we focused on the area where the embassy is right in here.
9:59 am
only it's not there. we try to drive to the embassy. just visiting the american embassy is a major excursion because of security. we have to give ourselves an extra hour to get through the checkpoints and today we heard no cell phones and they don't want that thing so we'll shut it off here. this is really actually a remarkable event. we made it inside the green zone with a television camera. and showing you a bit of it. with the idea to bring you as close to the embassy, the american embassy as possible. and it's right there, only you can't see it. but trust me, it's just beyond those blast walls. i took you within 100 yards of the u.s. embassy here in baghdad and you never saw any of it. and that is just the way the u.s. wants it. martin savidge, cnn, baghdad. cnn newsroom continues right